My husband and I have been debating on renting our condo when we move out of state or selling. I contacted John at the end of this past year to talk about a refinance process. As my husband and I went back and forth, for almost six months, John was patient and didn’t pressure us one way or another. He was always available to respond to my many questions and always gave 100% of his time. His dedication to quality customer service was evident after our first conversation. I will always recommend him to anyone in need!

Beyond his warmth when helping us that led me to continue to seek his advice, my husband listens to his radio show on AM 1210. This entire process has truly been God led for is, as we prayed for guidance on what we should do, sell or rent out. When we started to really lean towards selling and knew we needed wisdom, my husband immediately thought of John. My husband didn’t know the “John” I was talking with was the same man! Truly, John Burroughs is a blessing to those who need advice, information, random questions answered and honesty.

Autumn Clark

John was great! We were denied a few different other places and he came in and helped us get approved for our home. He did an extremely good job!


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